TEAK Capital (TEAK) is a privately held industrial investment portfolio primarily focused on:

■ Corporate Acquisitions: rapid acquisitions of subsidiaries or orphaned businesses.
■ Private Investments: private debt, private equity and special investments.

Established in 2007, initially as an investment fund to manage a managed account of a fund of Goldman Sachs and thereafter acting as an exclusive investment advisor to activist fund Elliott Management.

In 2013 TEAK’s business evolved into a primary focus on principal investments, operating as a strategic investor building a private industrial portfolio predominantly through corporate acquisitions.

TEAK operated exclusively in the Asia Pacific region until 2015 when it expanded into the LATAM region.

TEAK is presently expanding its portfolio to Europe with France as a key focus market.

TEAK’s multi-disciplinary approach preserves and unlocks value.                                            Experienced in multiple emerging markets.                                                Rapid risk transfer by selling to TEAK.                                                Buffer to risk for sellers.                                                Prepared to deal with difficult or crisis situations.                                                Leads true operational restructuring and transformation.                                               Implements TEAK’s “Independence” system and Philisophy in acquired businesses.                                                                                                Acquires secondaries from funds.                                                Freeing investors to focus on core businesses.                                                Tailors innovative structures for distressed or orphaned investments.                                                Expert Turnaround CEO.                                                Provides liquidity for troubled or spinoff portfolios.                                                TEAK solutions provide alignment and avoid conflicts of interest.
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